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Welcome to SmartConnect Documentation

Welcome to SmartConnect Documentation

Welcome to SmartConnect! This is the start of something great. We’re excited to have you on board and help you with your integration needs. This documentation is designed to assist you in successfully setting up and using SmartConnect for your data integration projects.

Getting Started

The first step after purchase is to access your product. Technically, with our SmartConnect subscriptions, you have the freedom to select the deployment method that best fits your needs and could use either SmartConnect.com or SmartConnect 21, the on-premise version, or both.

Note: Dynamics GP integration requires SmartConnect 21, because the Dynamics GP connection is only available in SmartConnect on-premise.


If you choose SmartConnect.com for your integrations, you will initially need to log into the eOne portal and add an initial user to get started.

Much of what you will need to know about getting started with SmartConnect.com can be found in our Introduction to SmartConnect.com video.

SmartConnect 21

If you’re getting started with SmartConnect 21, you’ll need to download the software and access your product account code to activate your SmartConnect 21.

We have compiled a list of necessary resources that you can utilize to make the most out of your SmartConnect 21 investment:

Next Steps

After you have completed the SmartConnect setup, your integrations start to become connection-specific. Here is a list of the connections that we currently have resources for:

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