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Ecosystem — Dynamics GP

Make Microsoft Dynamics GP data work flawlessly with your existing tools

With eOne’s integration, migration, and reporting solutions, you can effortlessly sync your Dynamics GP data to any tool you’re already using–no coding required.

Easily handle even the most complex Dynamics GP data challenges

Built for ERP operators

Get a simple drag-and-drop interface, and effortlessly access, manipulate, and embed data wherever you need it.

The technical depth you need

Dive into the weeds if needed, with customizable workflows, scripting, complex data transformations, and more.

On-premise and in the cloud

Connect to your entire business ecosystem. Exchange data smoothly and efficiently between both cloud and on-premise apps.

Make better, data-driven decisions. Get results faster.

01 Reporting

Unlock powerful reporting for Dynamics GP. No code, no hassle. Just insights.

Are you tired of wrestling with SmartLists just to get a simple report? Enter eOne’s suite of no-code tools: SmartList Builder, Popdock, and SmartView. Now, you can effortlessly compile and manipulate your GP data, even from multiple sources, and make it accessible for everyone in your organization. All without writing a single line of code.

What you can do:

  • Seamlessly join GP tables and perform calculations for summary reports
  • Effortlessly combine sales line items with salesperson data for a full sales overview
  • Generate comprehensive reports that pull data from multiple tables
  • Make Dynamics GP reports instantly available to internal teams via Microsoft Teams, in a portal, or shared in an app.
  • Easily integrate Dynamics GP data into your CRM, making purchase history for each customer readily accessible

02 Integration

Connect data from any app to Dynamics GP. No code, no hassle. Just efficiency.

Whether it’s syncing your CRM or managing expenses, integrating Dynamics GP with other apps can be daunting. You didn’t sign up for a hackathon. Luckily eOne’s no-code tools give you a hassle-free way for both IT teams and end-users to create custom integrations, from file imports to embedded reporting, and even virtual integration.

What you can do:

  • Integrate Dynamics GP with your CRM to create a single, unified data repository
  • Sync your Dynamics GP with expense tracking apps for real-time budget control
  • Directly integrate file imports and exports with Dynamics GP
  • Use eOne’s Node Builder for specialized Dynamics GP integration nodes
  • Keep your inventory data consistent between Dynamics GP and other platforms
  • Embed Dynamics GP data into your CRM and Helpdesk systems for a 360-degree customer view

03 Extending GP + Logic

Make Dynamics GP reach all the data you need. No code, no hassle. Just control.

Struggling to capture all the data you need in Dynamics GP? Fed up with the limitations and the thought of dealing with complex dexterity code? Meet Extender – it’s designed for GP admins to add fields, create new windows, menus, and even entirely new data entry screens. Say goodbye to the constraints and freely collect all the data you need.

What you can do:

  • Create new data entry screens right within Dynamics GP
  • Automate calculations and pre-set values for efficiency
  • Easily navigate from a basic form to a more detailed one
  • Automatically check inventory levels and initiate transfers when a form is closed
  • Integrate and report your custom Extender data seamlessly within Dynamics GP

04 Automation + Posting

Get your Dynamics GP working smarter. No code, no hassle. Just automation.

Forget about limited data views that don’t help you extract insights. With eOne’s Popdock-powered reporting, anyone on your team can create tailored reports without needing to code. Easily filter your data to find what you’re looking for and make smarter decisions on the fly.

What you can do:

03 Data Migration

Migrate data to and from Dynamics GP. No code, no hassle. Just smooth transitions.

Switching accounting systems can be a logistical nightmare with data losses, sky-high costs, and disruptions. With eOne you can easily archive your historical data, import current records, and run reports that span both your old and new systems. Your users can always access their data and you can wave goodbye to your legacy servers.

What you can do:

  • Seamlessly import historical data into your new accounting system, making the transition painless
  • Archive all your essential Dynamics GP data, from SmartLists to your entire database, into Azure Data Lake Storage for easy access in your new system
  • Access your SQL data archived in Azure Data Lakes right in your new accounting software
  • Generate comprehensive reports that pull from both historical and new accounting system data
  • Embed specific historical data sets into particular accounting records, filtered according to your needs