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Please note that many of these changes will roll out this Saturday, June 1st and will require downtime. We are working to ensure minimal disruption for our eOne community and really appreciate your patience as we push out these changes. Please reach out to sales@eonesolutions.com with any questions.

Adding Users to SmartConnect.com

Adding Users to SmartConnect.com

Users can be added and removed within any account directly within the SmartConnect.com app. Login to SmartConnect.com through login.smartconnect.com.

Once logged in, navigate to the System > Security section of the menu bar on the left hand side of the interface

From the User Security window, existing users can be modified or deactivated if needed. New users can be added using the +Create New User button at the top right of the interface.

When adding a new user (email not in use across any SmartConnect tenants), a Password along with First and Last name must be provided.

If the user already exists in another SmartConnect tenant, you will not be able to specify First Name, Last Name, or Password.

Only the user with that email can change their password, either within app or by using the Forgot Password link on the main login page.

AdministratorUser has access to all SmartConnect windows and features
ActiveUser can log into SmartConnect and access SmartConnect web services
ConnectionsUser can access the Connections tab in SmartConnect
ProcessesUser can View/Create/Edit Integration Processes
ImportUser can Import integrations
MaintenanceUser can access the Maintenance tab in SmartConnect
Data SourcesUser can View/Create/Edit Data Sources
Process SchedulingUser can View/Create/Edit integration schedules

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