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Adding a Mailchimp Connector

Adding a Mailchimp Connector

The Mailchimp connector gives you access to all of your campaign and subscriber data.

To add a Mailchimp connector in Popdock you will need your Mailchimp Datacenter and an API Key. You will find steps on where to find those within your MailChimp account below.

How to find your Mailchimp Datacenter and API Key

1. From within your Mailchimp homepage, select your account icon in the upper right corner of the page and then select Profile from the dropdown menu.

2. Select Extras on the Toolbar and then select API keys from the following dropdown menu.

3. You will be directed to the API keys page. Scroll down to the Your API keys section. Any API keys that you have created will be listed in this section.

Your Mailchimp Datacenter is located at the end of your API Key within Mailchimp. You will want to enter it into Popdock with the format of: -(Region’s Abbreviation)(Numbers). In the below screenshot, the Mailchimp Datacenter is -us21.

4. With Mailchimp’s security, if you do not have your API Key written down or saved somewhere, you will not be able to view it again.

In that scenario, you can create a new API key. To do so, select Create a Key.

5. Use the API Key Name field to give your new API Key a name. Then select Generate Key.

6. Your new API Key will display. You can select Copy to Clipboard to copy your new key.

7. With your API Key and Mailchimp Datacenter identified, navigate back to Popdock to begin adding your Mailchimp connector.

How to add a Mailchimp connector

1. Select Connectors from the left navigation to open the Connectors page.

Main menu in Popdock with Connectors highlighted.

2. Select Add connector under Actions.

3. Select the Mailchimp connector from the list of connectors.

4. On the Add connector – Mailchimp page, use the available fields to enter in your MailChimp datacenter and API Key.

5. With your MailChimp datacenter and API Key entered, select Validate.

6. Once validated, select Connect.

7. You will be taken to your list of your connectors where your Mailchimp connector will begin installing. Once complete, your Mailchimp connector will be available within your list of connectors and ready to use.

Need further help with adding your Mailchimp connector? Email support@eonesolutions.com

How to find your Mailchimp Datacenter and API Key How to add a Mailchimp connector

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