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Learn how businesses of all shapes and sizes are harnessing the power of their data to overcome challenges, grow faster, and streamline their workflows. Let our customer stories open up your eyes and show you the matrix of data management. Or keep scrolling through cat memes… your choice.

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Jonas Software Saves 5 Days of Data Entry per Month Using SmartConnect for Dynamics GP & Salesforce Integration
Rio Marine Inc. Extends the Life Of Dynamics GP with Popdock
From Manual to Automated: Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network’s SmartConnect Success
Popdock Bridges the Gap for Pittsburgh Brewing’s ERP Transition
Right Farm Flawlessly Integrates Their Systems with SmartConnect
IAC Shifts from Costly Consulting Fees to Independent Integration
Efficiency Redefined: Oscar W. Larson’s SmartConnect Integration
Integration Mastery: How CGB Enterprises Empowers 13 Business Units with SmartConnect & Dynamics GP
Smarter Integrations, Faster Results: TPH’s SmartConnect Success Story
SmartConnect Sweetens the Deal for Totally Chocolate’s Real-time GP Integration
Nonprofit Success: Women’s Bean Project’s Transition from Scribe to SmartConnect
PRMG Enhances Mortgage Operations with SmartConnect and Extender in Dynamics GP

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