Setting up a Slack Connection

Setup a Slack Connection to enable Slack notifications as a task in SmartConnect.

Setup in Slack

1. In Slack navigate to Workspace > Settings & administration > Manage Apps.

2. Click ‘Build’ in the top right of the app directory window.

3. Click ‘Create New App’.

4. On the Create an app pop-up select ‘From scratch’.

5. App Name – Friendly name to identify the app.

6. Pick a workspace to develop your app in.

7. Click ‘Create App’

8. Navigate to OAuth & Permissions

  • Redirect URLs – Enter the correct URL based on deployment/region:
    • In navigate to Connections > Create Connection > Slack Odata and copy the redirect URL displayed in the connection window.
    • Click Save URLsSlack Odata
  •  Scopes – Add the following User Token Scopes.
    • channels:write

9. Navigate to Basic Information > App Credentials

    • Navigate to Basic Information > App Credentials

Setup in SmartConnect

1. Login to if not already.

2. Navigate to Connections > Create Connection button.

3. Select Slack Odata.

4. Description – Friendly description for the connection.

5. Application (client) Id – The same Client ID from the application that was generated in the Slack App.

6. Client Secret – The same Client Secret from the application that was generated in the Slack App.

7. Click Validate – Validate will redirect the user to Slack to authentication SmartConnect access to the Slack Channels.

8. Click Save.

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