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Scaling and growing gets easier when your apps speak the same language

Imagine a world where data flows effortlessly, insights are at your fingertips, and operations hum with efficiency. Your sales team instantly knows if invoices are paid, accounting effortlessly tracks support credits, and marketing uncovers hidden customer gems from every nook and cranny of your ERP. 

How much easier would it be to reach your next milestone?


We’re here to make your app-to-app and people-to-app connections a breeze. We know you juggle 100+ apps, and that data silo headaches are real. That’s where we step in with our set of user-friendly, no-code solutions, a vibrant partner community, and our team of ERP integration experts. Let us help you conquer your integration, migration, and reporting challenges fast and effectively. Scale and grow, while we handle the rest.

Our motto is “Faites bien et laissez-les parler”, literally ‘Do well and let them talk’.

How it started

Martin Olsen and Simon Butler met in a Sydney coffee shop, armed with CPA backgrounds and a knack for ERP software and scaling businesses. Their mission? Help Aussie companies conquer Dynamics GP with ease.

They soon discovered the pains and price tags of hiring developers to bridge Dynamics GP gaps. Lightbulb moment: create user-friendly tools for reporting, customization, and automation. SmartList Builder and Extender were born, revolutionizing Dynamics GP.

The success of these tools propelled us forward. We ditched implementation to become an independent software vendor. Microsoft took notice, striking an OEM agreement and putting us on the map. We were serving 15,000+ mid-market companies.

How it’s going

Today, eOne Solutions unites 20,000+ global businesses, partnering with 350+ resellers. We’re all about agile data strategies, seamless integrations, smooth migrations, and rock-solid reporting. Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle NetSuite, Acumatica, Salesforce, Zendesk— you name it, we integrate it.

6000 companies from
150+ industries in
47 countries

Online Directory Service

Consumer Electronics

IT Consultancy

Software Provider

IT Consultancy

Media & Journalism

Our Story

2001 —

eOne started implementing Dynamics GP in Sydney, Australia.

2003 —

SmartList Builder & Extender were born, transforming data management.

2004 —

Microsoft partnered with us, making our tools available through their price lists. We sold our ERP practice to what is now DXC in order to focus on our ISV business.

2008 —

eOne released SmartConnect to allow Dynamics GP customers to automate file integration and integrate with Microsoft CRM and

2014 —

eOne & Microsoft wrap up the OEM agreement for Extender and SmartList Builder. eOne begins selling through partners and directly to 15k customers with an entirely automated process. We “ate our own dog food” and automated everything.

2016 —

eOne introduces, a completely hosted iPaaS. From this point forward, eOne has focused on delivering as much parity between our cloud and on-premise versions of SmartConnect.

2018 —

Popdock is born as a cloud reporting suite. Soon after, Popdock also evolved to include virtual integration, data lake management, migration, and analysis.

Meet our data gurus

Audrey Buettner ERP & Integration Consultant
Calum McGrath Implementation Consultant
Mark Anderson Senior Technical Consultant
Michael Halverson Technical Consultant
Rod O’Connor Jack of All Trades
Sandy Westman Senior Consultant
Robert Hyndman Senior Technical Consultant
Alicia Bement Partner Sales Director
Cameron Hagstrom Partner Development Manager
Chris Braddock Customer Success Manager
Devon Schultz Channel Growth Representative
Heidi Uglem Business Development Representative
Katie Soderberg Chief Revenue Officer
Lili Elofson Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Madalynn Woolery Partner Development Manager, EMEA

Where you can find us

Fargo, North Dakota

4170 41st Ave S, Suite 101, Fargo, ND 58104

Austin, Texas

7020 Easy Wind Dr., Suite 210, Austin, TX 78752


Level 12, 257 Clarence St., Sydney, NSW


Vestergade 29, 1456 København, Denmark

eOne’s data management suite

How you can scale and grow confidently – without the headaches.

File Integration

Seamlessly refresh your Excel reports and effortlessly push data from Excel to your desired destination with just a click.

Multi-System Integration

Generate data exactly when and where you need it, connecting your cloud and on-premise apps. No coding required.

Virtual Integration 

Make your data easily accessible and presentable within your app. Embed data as list views, card widgets, graphs, summaries, and more.

Data Migration

Archive and access historical data, existing reports, and databases using Popdock. Quickly combine data between your old and new app for comprehensive insights.

Data Lake Management & Access

Store any data in a data lake and use Popdock as the gateway for users to access, report, and share data in real time.

Self-Service Reporting

Empower users to find answers to their data questions with intuitive real-time reporting. Users can query data across apps, create and share favorites, apply filters, group data, and more.

Cross-App Reporting

Unlock better insights and work smarter by combining data from multiple apps. Use custom list reporting to join, merge, compare, and summarize data from various sources.

Embedded Reporting

Embed Popdock widgets of external or related data, giving users quick access to their favorite reports and providing them with interactive options.

Welcome to the (not so) best-kept secret of the ERP data management world 

Speak the universal language of data and make smarter decisions with eOne Solutions.