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Using a List Option Lookup

Using a List Option Lookup

Use an List Option lookup to find the technical value for a list option value based on the label.

  1. On the Integration tab click on Additional Columns tab.
  2. Click on Add Additional Column button.
  3. The Additional Column window will open.
  4. Name – enter a name for the column.
  5. Tab off the Name field to enable the Type field.
  6. Type – select List Option Lookup.
  7. Entity – Select the entity contain the picklist.
  8. Picklist – select the required list of options.
  9. Column Name – select the source column that contains the data to be looked up in D365.
  10. If No Data – select the required option if not data is found when filtering lookup values with the supplied value.
    1. Clear Lookup – SmartConnect will clear the existing value in the target.
    2. Continue – SmartConnect will continue with no error or data passed to the target
    3. Return default value– SmartConnect will return a default value for the option set.
    4. Return failure for current integration line – SmartConnect will continue processing and return an error for the current document.
    5. Stop processing integrations – SmartConnect will return an error and will stop processing all integration lines.
  11. Default Value – if ‘Return default value’ has been selected, enter the default value to be returned.
  1. Click Save.

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