Using a Service Lookup

Once a REST lookup has been defined, it can be used on an integration. 

  • Open or create an integration that will use the lookup. 
  • Navigate to Integration>>Additional Columns>>Add Additional Columns. 
    • Name – Name of the additional column. 
    • Type – Choose REST Lookup 
    • Instance – Select the REST connector instance where the REST lookup was defined. 
    • Lookup – Choose the lookup that was defined. 
    • Late Bound Lookup – Lookup will be processed after all data is calculated, which means the lookup can use a calculated field for the filter criteria. 
    • Include lookup result in scripting – Lookup will be processed before other additional columns, which means the returned value from the lookup can be used in a calculation. 
    • Return Fields – Fields that return data when a lookup matches the filter criteria.  At least one field needs to be selected. 
    • If No Data – Options to how the lookup if a match is not found.
    • Filter criteria table – Define which source field(s) will be matched the parameter, variable, or header that was defined when setting up the REST lookup. 
  • Save the additional column. It can now be mapped to a destination or used elsewhere in the integration.

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