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Using Export/Import to Move Custom Lists

Using Export/Import to Move Custom Lists

Exporting a file in Popdock

1. Select the menu from the Popdock homepage. Then select Export.

2. Using the Export type dropdown, select Select resources. Use the File Name field to give your file a name. While optional, the Description field allows you to enter a description for the export, which will be displayed when the file is imported. Once the Export file fields are completed, select Click here to add a resource under the Resources section.

The file will be downloaded to your Downloads folder.

3. In the Add resources window, use the Type dropdown to select List.

4. Use the Connector dropdown to select the connector your custom list(s) resides in. When you select the connector, all your custom lists from within the connector will display. Check the box next to the lists you want to export. Then select Add.

5. Your list will now show under the Resources section. Select Export to begin exporting the file.

6. Popdock will generate the file and display the download once exported.

Importing a file to Popdock

1. Select the menu from the Popdock homepage. Then select Import.

2. You can drag and drop a file to upload or select click here to select a file.

3. Locate the file you exported. Once you have selected that file, it will display under the Import file section. Under the options dropdown menu, select the connector you want to import your list to.

4. Once your file and connector are selected, your list is ready to import. From the left Settings menu, select Import.

5. Your file will begin importing and the following window will appear. Once your file is imported, the window will go away.

6. Once imported, you can open your Connector within Popdock and can view your custom list.

Questions on exporting and importing lists? Contact support@eonesolutions.com.

Exporting a file in Popdock Importing a file to Popdock

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