Using a Date Calculation

  • Under the Integration tab click on the Additional Columns tab.
  • Click on the Add Additional Column button.

  • The Additional Column window opens.

  • Name – enter a name for the column.
  • Type – select Date Calculation.
  • Additional fields are displayed in the window.

  • If a date format already exists enter data in the following fields:
    • Source Column – select the data source field that contains the required date.
    • Source Format – select source date format.
    • Target Format – select the output date format.
  • If a date format needs to be created click on the Manage Formats tab.

    • Name – enter a name for the format.
    • Format – enter the date format.
    • Culture – select the Culture from the dropdown list.
  • Save the format.
  • After the date format is created, the user will need to add the format to the Integration Process by following Step 7 above.

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