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Restricting access to Azure Data Lake for Popdock

Restricting access to Azure Data Lake for Popdock

If you want to restrict the Azure Data Lake to a set of IP Addresses, the Azure Data Lake Storage Account must reside in an Azure Data Center outside of where we host our Resources. If you place your Storage Account in the same data center then all of the routing is done internally and the IP address restrictions won’t work.

Below are the Data Centers we host our Resources:

North Central US

West Europe

UK South

Australia East

Canada Central

Additional Resources

Here is a Microsoft article on restricting access to Storage Accounts: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/common/storage-network-security?tabs=azure-portal

Here are the IP addresses to allow Popdock through your firewall: https://www.eonesolutions.com/documentation/what-ip-addresses-to-allow-popdock-through-your-firewall/

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