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Ecosystem — Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Drive your Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations data anywhere, anytime

Get back in the driver’s seat with the tools you need to create custom integrations without the hassle – or coding. Built with users in mind but powerful enough to tackle any complex task.

Built with users in mind

Get a simple drag-and-drop interface, and effortlessly access, manipulate, and embed data wherever you need it.

Enterprise-level features

Dive into the weeds if needed, with customizable workflows, scripting, complex data transformations and more.

Innovate & manage changes with ease.

Connect to your entire business ecosystem. Exchange data smoothly and efficiently between both cloud and on-premise apps.

Bridge Dynamics 365 with your cloud and on-premise apps. Design your ideal tech stack.

01 Integration

Effortlessly integrate everything with Dynamics 365 Finance – without code

Struggling to integrate your Dynamics 365 Finance with other platforms? You’re not alone. Enter eOne’s no-code integration tools. Now, you can easily connect via the Data Management Framework, Dataverse, or the OData API. Whether you’re in IT or on the business side, gain the freedom to create custom integrations without the fuss.

What you can do:

  • Link CRM and Dynamics 365 for better customer care
  • Make expense tracking easy and linked to your finance app
  • Move files in and out without a hitch
  • Keep inventory numbers the same across all your apps
  • See all customer info in one place with embedded finance data

02 Data Migration

Access your old data from Dynamics 365 Finance – without code

Switching accounting systems can be a logistical nightmare, especially when you need to carry over historical data. eOne’s iPaaS suite demystifies this process, making it user-friendly and cost-effective. Get rid of your legacy servers and finally get all the data you need at your fingertips.

What you can do:

  • Effortlessly transition old records into Finance 365
  • Safely store and access your GP data in Azure and Finance 365
  • Migrate from SL to Finance 365 without losing key insights
  • Seamlessly shift NAV sets and data into Finance 365
  • Archive SQL data in Azure for easy Finance 365 integration
  • Merge old and new data for comprehensive reports
  • Tailor Finance 365 records with past data for better decision-making

03 Reporting

Let anyone create their own SmartList reports in Dynamics 365 Finance – without code

Is the native reporting function in Dynamics 365 Finance falling short for you? With eOne’s Popdock-powered reporting, you don’t have to be a developer to generate powerful insights. Connect data effortlessly, apply advanced filters, and make smarter decisions on the fly.

Common scenarios:

  • Easily blend tables for holistic report views in Dynamics 365
  • Get real-time insights on both paid and open invoices
  • Break down monthly sales by item type, salesperson, and more for tailored analysis
  • Track payment gateway interactions alongside your Finance 365 data for a complete financial snapshot
  • Streamline employee timesheet and billing management
  • Merge CRM and Finance 365 data for accurate commission tracking
  • Stay compliant by easily identifying vendors missing 1099 forms
  • Use Popdock to seamlessly pull data into PowerBI or Tableau for even more analytics power
Find the perfect solution to your Dynamics 365 Finance data challenges

Redefining iPaaS

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