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Promoting an Extension from a Business Central Sandbox to Production

Promoting an Extension from a Business Central Sandbox to Production

When using Popdock’s Query Builder for Business Central and when creating Popdock widgets for Business Central, you can only publish to your Sandbox due to Business Central’s restrictions on publishing to Production. Within Popdock however, you can easily promote any Business Central Query Builder Queries or Widgets from a Sandbox to Production environment. In order to do so, you must have rights to the “Publish Query Builder lists” and “Publish widgets” customization permissions from within Popdock Security.

1. Select Connectors from the left navigation to open the Connectors page.

Main menu in Popdock with Connectors highlighted.

2. Locate your Business Central Production Connector from the list of connectors, and then select the Edit icon on the right side of the connector.

3. From the Settings menu, select Extension.

4. From the Sandbox Connector dropdown, select the Sandbox Connector that contains the extension you want to publish to production.

5. Once you have selected the proper Sandbox Connector, select Validate in the upper right corner.

6. If your extension is validated successfully, you will receive the message “It’s all good” in the Validate Extension window. Select Close and then select Publish in the upper right corner.

7. If your extension is published successfully, you will receive the follow message.

Any widget published will now be available inside your Business Central Production Environment. Additionally, any Query Builder Queries will now be available as a list in your Business Central Production Connector.

If you have questions on how to publish extensions to your production environment, contact support@eonesolutions.com.

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