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Ecosystem —  Oracle NetSuite

Unlock your Oracle NetSuite data. No Devs, No Delays.

Future-proof your custom Oracle NetSuite Integrations. From CRM to inventory, helpdesk, and more, eOne puts the control back in your hands. Report, combine, and access any data from Oracle NetSuite effortlessly. No coding required, just the more efficient workflow you need.

Built for ERP operators

Get a simple drag-and-drop interface, and effortlessly access, manipulate, and embed data wherever you need it.

Enterprise-level features

Dive into the weeds if needed, with customizable workflows, scripting, complex data transformations and more.

On-premise and in the cloud

Connect to your entire business ecosystem. Exchange data smoothly and efficiently between both cloud and on-premise apps.

Hit your growth milestones faster with eOne

01 Integration

Integrate Oracle NetSuite across your entire business. No devs needed.

Integrating NetSuite with other platforms often means hiring external devs and painfully long lead times. But what if you could do it yourself, on your timeline? With eOne’s Popdock, your team gains the power to connect CRMs, manage expenses, and even sync inventory – all without writing a line of code.

What you can do:

  • Integrate Oracle NetSuite with your CRM for streamlined customer management
  • Sync expenses directly into Oracle NetSuite for real-time budget tracking
  • Hassle-free file integration with Oracle NetSuite
  • Keep your inventory data in sync across Oracle NetSuite and other platforms
  • Embed NetSuite functionality into your CRM and Helpdesk for a unified experience
  • Incorporate historical data into Oracle NetSuite for deeper insights

02 Data Migration

Imagine your Oracle NetSuite historical data, one click away. No devs needed.

Switching accounting systems is a headache you don’t need, especially with decades of historical data at stake. eOne simplifies it all – no coding, no fuss. Get an iPasS suite to automate the migration process, ensuring your historical data is accessible, accurate, and easy for your team to use. It’s like getting a new ERP without the baggage of the old one.

What you can do:

  • Import open historical data seamlessly into Oracle NetSuite
  • Archive and access your Dynamics GP, SL, and NAV data in Oracle NetSuite via Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Store SQL data in Azure Data Lakes for easy Oracle NetSuite integration
  • Create comprehensive reports merging historical data and Oracle NetSuite insights
  • Embed parameter-filtered historical data directly into specific Oracle NetSuite records

03 Reporting

Help your teams turn Oracle NetSuite data into actionable insights. No devs needed

You don’t have time to wait on a developer every time you need a report. Whether it’s in Oracle NetSuite, Excel, or wherever your team collaborates, they can easily access data.  Thanks to Popdock’s powerful yet easy-to-use query engine, you can make decisions faster, and smarter.

What you can do:

  • Generate multi-table views in Oracle NetSuite for a 360-degree business snapshot.
  • Quickly access lists of both paid and open invoices.
  • Dive into total monthly sales, grouped by item type, salesperson, or any other metrics you care about.
  • Monitor payment gateway metrics, including transaction success and failure rates.
  • Track timesheet and billing specifics by employee.
  • Create comprehensive commission reports, integrated with both Oracle NetSuite, CRM, and external custom data.
  • Using Popdock, generate reports that summarize and compare essential data-join complex data and query.  Then, use the Popdock API for your list to pull data into PowerBI or Tableau.

Connect your stack with Oracle NetSuite


Sync Salesforce data effortlessly. Eliminate bottlenecks and upgrade your analytics with flexible mapping and data transformation.

Dynamics 365

Seamlessly link Dynamics 365 with any business app. No code needed. Filter data the smart way and make informed decisions.


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Redefining iPaaS

Connecting data with Oracle NetSuite requires more than traditional data integration.  Get the flexibility you need to handle more of your requirements.

Bridge the gap between your systems and Oracle NetSuite.

On average eOne saves companies at least 25% on their annual integration budget all while achieving more. Connect with eOne, discuss your opportunity, and see you can save.