Setting up a Xero Connector

You will first need to upload the Xero Rest Service by following the below instructions:
  1. From the main Navigation Menu, select Maintenance and then REST Services.

  1. On the REST Services page, click the Import Rest Service button.

  1. This opens the Import Rest Service window allowing you to upload the Json File linked here.

  1. After you have selected the file, you can press the process import button.
Now you can add the connector by following the below instructions:
  1. On the left side options column click Connections.
  2. On the Connections page click on the Create Connection button.

  1. On the New Connection page click on the Xero icon.

  1. The page to configure the Xero connection opens.

  1. Create an OAuth2.0 app and make sure you select the “Auth Code” grant type. Your app is assigned a unique Client ID and you can then generate a Client Secret. The Client Secret is private and should not be shared.
  2. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret into the Authentication Section and click connect.


After Authentication, we need to retrieve the Tenant ID.
  1. Create a new Data Source >Bulk Data Sources > Query
  2. Select “Xero Data Source”
  3. Select your Connection > Setup > Connections (See Screenshot)
  4. Click Preview and copy the value in “tenantId”

  1. Go back to the connector
  2. Expand the “Headers” section
  3. Replace the “Xero-tenant-id” with your value.
  4. Save the connector.

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