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Using a Custom Rolling Column

Using a Custom Rolling Column

  1. Under the Integration tab click on the Additional Columns tab.
  2. Click on the Add Additional Column button.

  3. The Additional Column window opens.

  4. Name – enter a name for the column.
  5. Type – select Custom Rolling Column.
  6. Additional fields are displayed in the window.

  7. Next Number – Enter the next number in the rolling column sequence. Note: numbering sequences may be prefixed with alpha characters.
  8. Use for Global Variable – mark this checkbox if this rolling column should be available within this map for scripting purposes. Note: only one rolling column can be defined as the global rolling column. Values for this column will be updated to the GlobalRollingColumn variable.
  9. Select Save to save the record. The rolling column will now be available for mapping to destination fields.

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