Configure Data Source Paging

Paging is used to break up the data returned from an endpoint into small chunks.  Every service is different and there are several different paging methods available to use in SmartConnect. 

Setup for Paging 

  • Navigate to Paging on the Rest Service Maintenance page. 
  • Click the edit button on the default paging definition. 
  • Enter a Name for the paging definition.  Default will be automatically populated. 
  • If this is the only paging definition or will be the main paging method, leave Default checked. 
  • Select the Paging method.  The method chosen is going to depend on the service being connected to.  You will need to refer to the api documentation to determine which paging method your specific service uses. 
  • Once a method has been chosen, different paging settings will be available to setup depending on the paging method.  The parameter fields will be used when requesting a new page and can be sent as a request header or request url parameter.  The other fields will contain data from the response body or response header to let SmartConnect know which page it is currently processing.  Below are examples of each paging method. 

Item Count 

Next Page Link 

Next Page Number

Page Count

Page Offset

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