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Installing the Popdock extension on an On-Premise Business Central

Installing the Popdock extension on an On-Premise Business Central

You must purchase object IDs from Microsoft to reserve for Popdock to use. The range of IDs that Popdock uses are:

  • Pages (70000 – 70010)
  • Tables (70000 – 70001)
  • Queries (70000 – 70057)

If you want to use Query Builder, you will also need to purchase additional query IDs for the number of custom lists you want to build. In the Extension tab of the Business Central connector settings, the “First object ID” should be set to 70099.

On an on-premise instance of Business Central, apps must be loaded using PowerShell commands. PowerShell is a command-line user interface that uses the PowerShell scripting language.

To get the name of your Business Central server instance

1. Open a new PowerShell terminal.

2. Enter the following command:


To install Popdock using PowerShell

1. Download the Popdock Business Central app.

2. Open a new PowerShell terminal.

3. Enter the following command, replacing $serverInstance with the name of your server instance.

Publish-NAVApp -ServerInstance $serverInstance -Path ".\eOne Solutions_Popdock for Dynamics 365 Business Central_1.0.0.9.app" -SkipVerification

4. Now you need to ensure ODATA and developer services are enabled. To view your server settings, enter the following command:

Get-NAVServerConfiguration $serverInstance

5. Set or ensure the following values. For $ODATA_PORT and $DEVELOPER_PORT use any value you want, but it must match the Popdock connection settings.

Set-NAVServerConfiguration $serverInstance -KeyName ODataServicesEnabled -KeyValue true
Set-NAVServerConfiguration $serverInstance -KeyName ODataServicesPort -KeyValue $ODATA_PORT
Set-NAVServerConfiguration $serverInstance -KeyName ODataServicesSSLEnabled -KeyValue true

Set-NAVServerConfiguration $serverInstance -KeyName DeveloperServicesEnabled -KeyValue true
Set-NAVServerConfiguration $serverInstance -KeyName DeveloperServicesPort -KeyValue $DEVELOPER_PORT
Set-NAVServerConfiguration $serverInstance -KeyName DeveloperServicesSSLEnabled -KeyValue true

If you have questions about installing the Popdock extension into an on premise Business Central, contact support@eonesolutions.com.

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