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Find the Tenant ID in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Find the Tenant ID in Dynamics 365 Business Central

When adding a Dynamics 365 Business Central connector into Popdock, you will provide connection information and log into your server to authenticate. To make the connection to the correct Business Central environment, you must provide the tenant ID for the environment you want to connect to. You can find the tenant ID by selecting the right environment in the Business Central portal, and then locating the tenant ID for that environment.  

In this article will guide you on how to find and select your Business Central environment, then locate your tenant ID.  

To find the tenant ID for your environment

1. Sign into the Business Central portal and select the environment from the top menu bar to view the available environments.  


2. Select the Business Central environment, whether production or sandbox, that you will be adding to Popdock.

3. Select the Help icon from the top right menu, to open the help pane.


4. The Help pane will load on the right, go to Other resources and then select Help & Support.


5. On Help & Support page, scroll down to the Report a problem section.  

6. In the Report a problem section, there will be different IDs listed. The Microsoft Entra tenant ID (formerly called the Azure AD tenant) is the tenant ID you will need to configure the Business Central connector in Popdock.  

Confirm the environment name and environment type here to ensure you’ve selected the one you want to add to Popdock. The environment name is highlighted in the box below. To the right of the environment name, in parenthesis, is the environment type which will be either sandbox or production.

7. Copy the Microsoft Entra tenant ID(numbers & letters) for your environment.  

8. You can paste this into your Popdock connector screen to complete the configuration.


9. For more information or continue using this article to add a Dynamics 365 Business Central connector, use this link.

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To find the tenant ID for your environment

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