Setting up Global Rolling Columns

Setting up Global Rolling Columns

  1. From the main Navigation Menu, select Maintenance>>Global Rolling Columns.

  2. To create a new Global Rolling Column, click the Create Global Rolling Column button.

  3. The Global Rolling Column window will open.

  1. Name – Enter a unique Name for the Global Rolling Column. 
  2. Description – Enter a description. 
  3. Next Number – Enter a starting value for the Next Number Field. When an integration process uses the Global Rolling Column, this is the value that will be retrieved and incremented.  
  4. IMPORTANT: The value used in the Global Rolling Column will never expand beyond the number of characters that it is created with. For example, the value of SC01 will only work for 99 records, once the rolling column is incremented to SC99 – it has no room to increment to the next value as the total number of characters will not change during use. A much more appropriate starting value in this scenario would be SC0000001. 
  5. Click Save to complete the creation of the new Global Rolling Column. 

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