Tech Tuesday: Troubleshooting SmartList Builder Lists that Return No Data

  Tuesday, September 19, 2017   /     Nicole Albertson   /     0 Comments
As you are building out lists in SmartList Builder, you may go to review it and find that it returns no data. There can be many reasons for this, but troubleshooting is all the same. This is the same whether you are using the SmartList Builder, Excel Report Builder, or Navigation List Builder… [Read More]

eOne Selling Kit for our GP Partners

  Friday, September 15, 2017   /     Naomi Olson   /     0 Comments
Hey you…. yeah, I’m talking to all of our Dynamics GP Partners out there! For those of you who know the eOne crew, you know we like to work hard but have some fun while doing so. Martin and the eOne family spent an afternoon creating some hilarious videos just for you to help you identify… [Read More]

10% Off Promo for Summit 2017 in Nashville

  Wednesday, September 6, 2017   /     Katie Soderberg   /     0 Comments
Summit is the place to be this October. If you are one of those users that feel like you only scrape the surface of your CRM and ERP's functionality, then the hundreds of break out session at this event will be like gold. … [Read More]

eOne Offices Closed for Labor Day

  Friday, September 1, 2017   /     Natalie Schneider   /     0 Comments
Another summer has come and gone, even faster than the last. Before we move full force into the fall conference season, we’re going to take a quick break. The eOne offices will be closed on Monday, September 4th and return Tuesday, September 5th all rested up. Our website is open for you to order… [Read More]

Heads up for Mid Market ERP Vendors: “Mid-Market Companies do not switch Mid-Market ERP’s, Ever.”

  Thursday, August 31, 2017   /     Martin Olsen   /     2 Comments
“Mid-Market Companies do not switch Mid-Market ERPs. Ever.” … [Read More]

SmartConnect Integration Bootcamp prior to Summit 2017

  Tuesday, August 29, 2017   /     Katie Soderberg   /     0 Comments
Make the most of your Dynamics 365/CRMUG, NAVUG, and GPUG Summit experience, and attend eOne’s SmartConnect Integration Bootcamp on Sunday, October 8th- Monday, October 9th.    … [Read More]

7 Things to Plan for at Directions 2017 in Orlando!

  Friday, August 25, 2017   /     Alicia Bement   /     0 Comments
Attending Directions 2017 in Orlando on September 16-20th?  Here are seven things to plan for to help you get the most value out of your Directions experience: … [Read More]

Tech Thursday : Query data in SmartConnect with .NET scripting

  Thursday, August 24, 2017   /     Lorren Zemke   /     0 Comments
This article will show the basics of using a SmartConnect scripting to query additional data during an integration with the focus on the MSSQL ADO.NET Provider. With the capabilities of .NET in a SmartConnect calculated field or script task, almost any piece of data can be read or updated, if one of… [Read More]

Dynamics 365 & NAV Integration Training prior to Directions North America 2017

  Wednesday, August 16, 2017   /     Alicia Bement   /     0 Comments
We’re very excited to announce a dedicated Dynamics 365 & NAV Integration training prior to Directions North America! … [Read More]

Tech Tuesday : Connecting to Shopify with SmartConnect

  Tuesday, August 15, 2017   /     Jared Dux   /     2 Comments
This week we are going to take a look at Shopify and how we can use SmartConnect’s REST Connector to integrate with Shopify.  To get started you will need the following: … [Read More]


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