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Configuring Exchange Token Authentication

Configuring Exchange Token Authentication

Exchange Token Settings within SmartConnect Rest Service Maintenance 

  • Exchange token settings will need to be configured by navigating to Maintenance>>REST Services>> on the main navigation and then click the edit service button for the rest service setup. 
  • Navigate to Exchange Token within the rest navigation page.  This page stores all the Exchange token configurations for the service being used. 
    • Endpoint – Enter the authorization endpoint that will return a token. 
    • Request Method – Set the method required by the authorization endpoint. 
    • Body type – Choose the format the body will be sent as to the authorization endpoint. 
    • Body – Enter the body that will be sent to the authorization endpoint. 
      Use the insert field option to use variables that will be available when setting up the connector.  
    • Token Response Path- Enter the field name from the response that holds the token as documented in the service api.  
    • Token Expires- Choose the option that matches when the token expires from the api. 
    • Length- Enter the length of time the token is valid for. 
    • Units- Select the unit of time.

Connector Setup using Exchange Token

  • From the main Navigation Menu, select Connections. 
  • On the Connections page, click the Create Connection button. 
  • Click the Rest Service that was named and had an image set in the first section. 
  • Enter a name for the connection. 
  • Enter the Username and Password.  These values will be passed into the body variables set up while defining the exchange token definition. 
  • Click Connect 
  • Click Save to complete the connector setup. 


Exchange Token Settings within SmartConnect Rest Service Maintenance Connector Setup using Exchange Token

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