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Creating a XML File Source

Creating a XML File Source

  1. From the left side options column navigate to Date Sources > Bulk Sources > File.


  2. On the File Data Sources window click on the Create Bulk File button.

  3. On the New File Data Source window click on the XML File icon.

  4. This will open the XML File Data Source window.

  1. Enter a Description for the data source.
  2. Select source file at runtime – when this checkbox is marked, the uploaded file will be used as a template to define the column headers and no data from it will be processed.
  3. Source File – select the xml file that will be used as the data source.
  4. Transform File – select an xsl transformation.
  5. Edit Format button – clicking on this button will open a popup window that allows the user to edit the format of the xml file.
  6. Validate button – validates the xml data source and, if successful, activates the Save button.
  7. Clicking on Save will save the data source and make the data source available to be selected when creating an Integration Process.
  8. After the XML File source has been saved, the Preview button will become active.
  9. Click on the Preview button will open a pop-up window that displays the first few records contained in the xml file.

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