How to update a NetSuite List

Any NetSuite list can be edited to include additional fields, tables and filters. This article will show you how these lists can be customized in Popdock.

Add a field to a list

There is a two step process to add a new field to an existing list on a NetSuite Connector.

1. Add the field to the SuiteQL script.

  1. Open the list you want to edit.
  2. On the Settings tab, go to the Edit script section.
    • Here the field isInactive is being added.
  3. Select Validate.

    You can find all available fields to add to the list in the Records Catalog in NetSuite.

    2. Add the field to the Fields list.

    1. Navigate to the Fields.
    2. Select Add field.
    3. Select Save.

      The field is now added to the list and you can modify the display name or field type as needed.

      Add a joined table to a list

      The SuiteQL query language allows you to add joins to related tables if the detail you need isn’t available on a single table. You can add multiple joins to any new or existing table.

      You can find all available joins to add to the list in the Records Catalog in NetSuite.

      1. Navigate to NetSuite, Setup and then Records Catalog.

      2. Search for the table you want to use for your list.

      3. Expand the table and select SuiteScript and REST Query API.

      4. Here you can see all fields and joins on your table.

      5. Select the information icon on the join you want to add.

      6. Copy the JOIN PAIRS value.

        7. Add the desired join with your link defined as shown below.

        8. Add any fields required from the joined list by prefixing them with the table name.

          We recommend an alias on fields from a joined table to make it easier to work with them when adding as list fields.

     as SymbolPlacementName
              LEFT JOIN CurrencySymbolPlacement ON Currency.symbolplacement = CurrencySymbolPlacement.key

          If the related table has a field with the same name as the base table, you will need to prefix the field with the table name (I did this with Currency.Name in my example).

          9. Finally, you can add any field references as shown in the Add a field to a list section above.

            Add a filter to a list

            You have two options when adding filters to a list:

            1. Add a Restriction like you do with other connectors.

            2. Add a WHERE clause directly to the SuiteQL script.

              We recommend using Restrictions where possible for their dynamic features such as limiting the filters to certain users and dynamic date filters.

              Using Restrictions

              1. Open the list you want to edit.

              2. Select Restrictions.

              3. Select Click here to add a restriction.

              4. Add your restriction.

              5. Select Add.

                Using a SuiteQL WHERE clause

                1. Open the list you want to edit.

                2. Select Settings and then go to the Edit script section.

                3. Add a WHERE clause to the end of the script to apply the filter.

                4. Select Validate.

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