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Configuring Additional SmartConnect 21 Instances

Configuring Additional SmartConnect 21 Instances

Additional instances can be setup within the configuration tool for a specific account. Up to 3 (or 4, depending on region) instances can be created to support development, testing/UAT, and production environments. These additional instances can be setup on the same SQL server or can be created on entirely different SQL servers by running the install and configuration tool in a separate environment.

When multiple instances are setup, the list will contain each and have them defined as Active, Available or Retired in the status field.

The configuration tool will then let you define which instance the SmartConnect application will connect to when a user launches it. Right-clicking on the instance in the list will bring up the available actions.

  • Activate
    • If an instance is retired, this will re-activate the instance for use. This can only be done if account is not at the instance limit, and the configuration tool has access to that server and database from the current workstation.
  • Retire
    • Removes the instance from use. Users will no longer be able to log into that instance through any application still connected to it, and automated integrations will no longer process. Effectively disables that instance from any production use. Most frequently used when migrating SmartConnect to a different server, or if multiple test environments are in use.
  • Set Active Instance
    • Any instance listed as Available for the status and that the configuration tool can access from the current workstation can be set to the active instance. Only one active instance can exist at any given time on a workstation. This can be used to switch the application to log into a test, development, UAT instance without needing to have the application installed on multiple workstations.
  • Upgrade Instance
    • Any active or available instance that the configuration tool can access from the current workstation will be updated to the version of the configuration tool (if more recent than the instance version). The next login to that instance through the application will complete the upgrade process by running system maintenance.


When performing a new instance in an environment that does not have an instance setup yet, the New Instance button should be used on the first workstation SmartConnect is installed on. If SmartConnect is installed on additional workstations that should be connecting to the same instance, the instance should simply be set to the active instance after entering the customer ID in the configuration tool on the additional workstations.

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