Adding a Zendesk Connector

Adding a Zendesk Connector

The Zendesk connector gives you access to your users, tickets, comments, and history. You must have your Zendesk API enabled for Password Access. This can be found under Channels and then API.

How to add a Zendesk connector:

1. Select Connectors from the left navigation pane to open the Connectors page.

Main menu in Popdock with Connectors highlighted.

2. Select Add connector.

3. Select the Zendesk connector. This will open a new window to start the creation of the connector.

4. Enter the prefix of your Zendesk site.

For example, if the Zendesk site that you log into is then the prefix is popdock.

5. Select Next to open the Zendesk login page.

6. Sign in to your Zendesk account.


Having trouble adding your Zendesk connector? Email support at

How to add a Zendesk connector:

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