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Drowning in legacy systems? Let us throw you a lifesaver

With eOne’s data migration tools, you can break free from your old clunky ways and easily access the data you need, even the stuff you forgot about, wherever you need it.

7,000+ businesses of all shapes and sizes

are integrating their data with eOne

Online Directory Service

Consumer Electronics

IT Consultancy

Software Provider

IT Consultancy

Media & Journalism

It’s time to come up for air

Finally breathe a sigh of relief and focus on what really matters – making data-backed decisions.


Data Integration & Automation without code.

With pre-built connectors for Dynamics 365, NetSuite, Excel, and more, you’ll never have to start from scratch again. Say goodbye to wasted time with automation that actually works, drag-and-drop mapping that makes data manipulation easy, and state-of-the-art error handling and progress monitoring that ensures your integrations run like a well-oiled machine. 

Plus, with SmartConnect’s developer options and REST API, you can build custom transformations and connections that will make your data flow smoothly, exactly the way you want it to. SmartConnect is 100% configurable and simplifies how you generate data between your apps.


Get answers fast, from every app.

Connect your apps faster with virtual integration. Embed external data, history + report in your app – without writing a single line of code.

Display real-time data from one system within another, even embedded in your CRM or financial system. Say goodbye to the headaches of storing irrelevant historical data in your new cloud-based system with Popdock’s migration & legacy data access. Plus, enjoy end-user reporting and cross-app reporting features that transform data into the format you need, without needing to be a data wizard or IT guru. 

Boom, it’s integrated!

Integrate any type of data without breaking a sweat.