How to Invite a User to be Added to your Popdock Account

We at Popdock know that the data you are working with can be sensitive data that certain employees should not see. This is the reason for creating the ability to add additional users on your account and assign them specific connectors and specific lists so that they only have access to that data.  As the account owner you are the administrator by default, and you can invite additional users to your account.

How to Invite a User to be Added to your Popdock Account:

1. From the Popdock Home Page, select the ≡ menu at the top left to open the Popdock navigation menu.

Popdock menu

2. Then select Security.

Main menu in Popdock showing Security.

3. Your Users page will populate. You will see yourself listed as the Administrator, along with any other administrators or users on your account.  Select Invite users in the upper right corner of the page.

Invite users button


4. This will open the Invite Users window.  Enter the email or emails in the box provided of any users you would like to add to your Popdock account.  You can separate multiple emails with a comma, space, or semicolon. Additionally, you can assign these new users to a team or role using the available dropdown. For more information on security, you can use this article to Understand Popdock Security options for Users, Teams, and Roles.

Invite users page where you can invite new users to Popdock.

5. After entering the email(s), select Invite.  This will send email invitations to the new users asking them to activate their account.  The email will be titled “Popdock invitation” and will be coming from Users must accept the invite within 24 hours, or the administrator will need to resend the invitation.

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