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Adding List Groups

Adding List Groups

When there are a large number of lists, they are organized into groups to make them easier to find through navigation menus. You can add your own groups to organize the lists however you want.

How to add a list group

1. Select Connectors from the left navigation pane to open the Connectors page.

Main menu in Popdock with Connectors highlighted.

2. Select the Edit icon for the connector that you want to add a group to. The Edit connector page will be displayed.

3. Select Groups from the navigation pane.

4. Select Add group to open the Add group dialog.

5. Enter a Name for the group.

6. Select Add group. You can now select Lists from the navigation pane to add lists to your new group.

Questions on adding groups? Email support at support@eonesolutions.com

How to add a list group

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