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How to add a NetSuite List

How to add a NetSuite List

The NetSuite connector will deploy standard lists when the connector is installed. After the install, additional lists can be added using a SuiteQL script.

Create a SuiteQL script

First you will need to create a SuiteQL script to use in Popdock. The easiest way to find the table and field names for your Popdock environment is to use the Records Catalog in NetSuite.

1. In NetSuite navigate to Setup and then to Records Catalog.

2. Search for the table you want to use for your list.

3. Expand the table and select SuiteScript and REST Query API.

4. Here you can see all standard and custom fields on your table that you can use in your query.

5. Create a query based on the table name and fields as shown in the below example.


    Add the list to Popdock

    Next, you will add this script as a new list in Popdock.

    1. Log into Popdock and select Connectors from the homepage.

    2. Open your NetSuite Connector and then select Lists. Select Add script.

    3. In the Add script window add the plural Name for the list.

    4. Paste in your SuiteQL script.

    5. Provide a Group.

    6. Select Validate.

    7. Once the list is validated, select Save.

    Modify field display names

    By default when a Popdock list is added the technical names for the fields will be used as the display names. You can modify these to make the list easier for the user to understand.

    1. Find your newly created list and then select Edit.

    2. Navigate to the Fields tab.

    3. Modify the Name and Field type columns to allow easier viewing and filtering.

      You can now preview this list or add a new tab in the Popdock homepage to display your NetSuite list.

      If you have questions about adding a NetSuite list, contact support@eonesolutions.com.

      Create a SuiteQL script Add the list to Popdock Modify field display names

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