Creating a Salesforce Change Data Source

  1. On the left side options column expand Data Sources, expand Change Triggers, and click on Trigger.

  2. On the Change Triggers page click Create Change Trigger button.

  3. On the New Change Trigger page click the Salesforce Change Data Source button.

  4. The Salesforce Change Data Source page opens.

  5. Enter a Description for the data source.
  6. Connection – select the Salesforce connection to be used from the dropdown list.
  7. Click the Validate button – this will verify the Connection is successful and enable the Salesforce Object field.
  8. Salesforce Object – select the object(s) to be used in the data source.
  9. Trigger On Column Change – select the column(s) that will cause the trigger to run when changed.
  10. View/Edit SOQL – allows the user to view the SOQL query for the data source and to make any changes to the query.
  11. Click Save to save the change data source.

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