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Setting up an Integration to a REST Service

Setting up an Integration to a REST Service

Once a Service Destination has been defined in the previous section, it can be used on an integration process to send data to a service. 

  • On the Target tab of an integration, choose a REST definition from the target drop-down field. 
  • Select a connector Instance for the REST definition. 
  • If groups were used during the Service Destination setup, choose the appropriate group. 
  • From the Actions To Process, choose a Service Destination. 
  • Enable Save Output to File only for testing/troubleshooting.  This will generate a file to be downloaded to see what is being sent to the web service.  With this enabled, no data will be sent to the destination service. 
  • The Target Lines section will show the main entity and any child entities that were set up in the REST definition. 
  • Click the Integration tab to map and group on fields from the data source.  Once fields have been mapped and grouped on, you can run and save the integration process. 

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