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Creating a NetSuite Real-Time Data Source

Creating a NetSuite Real-Time Data Source

  1. On the left side options column expand Data Sources and click on Realtime Triggers. 
  1. On the Realtime Triggers page click the Create Realtime Trigger button. 
  1. On the New Realtime Trigger page click the NetSuite Real-Time Data Source button. 
  1. The NetSuite Real-Time Data Source page opens. 
  1. Enter a Name for the data source. 
  2. Connection – Select the connection to be used from the dropdown list. 
  3. Click the Validate button – This will verify the Connection is successful and enable the other fields. 
  4. Category – Select the category for the real-time source. Options include Activities, Communications, Customization, Entities, File Cabinet, Items, Lists, Marketing, Support, Transactions, and Website. 
  5. Type – Select the Role Type the data source will be using. These will differ depending on what category was selected. 
  6. Columns – Select the columns needed for the data source.

Selecting no columns will return all columns.

  1. Log Action – Use this option to select what should be logged when the trigger runs. The options are: 
    • Always Save 
    • Save Failures 
    • Save Successes 
    • None 
  2. Return name field for list entries – Mark this checkbox if you would like a name field returned instead of the Internal ID for list entries and records. 
  3. Click Save to save the real-time data source. 
  4. Register button

This button will become active after an Integration Process (mapping) is created that uses the data source. After the Integration Process is created, the user will need to go back to the data source in order to do the registration. You can click the Register button on the Integration process to bring you back to the data source setup window.

  1. Click what you need to Trigger the real-time source on, either Creates or Updates. Both can be selected.  
  1. Once the Register button is clicked, a message will be displayed that has an attachment with instructions on how to manually create the real-time trigger within NetSuite. Follow these instructions to complete the setup of the real-time data source.  

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