Setting up a Stripe Connector

Setting up a Stripe Connector

Follow these steps to upload and configure the Stripe Rest Service connector in SmartConnect.

Import Rest Service Definition

  1. From the main Navigation Menu > Maintenance and then REST Services.
  1. On the REST Services page, click the Import Rest Service button.
  1. This opens the Import Rest Service window allowing you to upload the Json File linked here.
  1. After you have selected the file, you can press the Process Import button.

Add Stripe Connector

  1. On the left side options column click Connections.
  2. On the Connections page click on the Create Connection button.
  3. On the New Connection page click on the Stripe icon.
  1. Generate a Secret Key in Stripe as documented here.
  2. Enter the the generated Secret key as the Bearer token value in the Authorization header setup on the Connector Setup in SmartConnect.
  1. Save the connector.
Import Rest Service Definition Add Stripe Connector

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