How to Create a List Detail

How to Create a List Detail

Details in Popdock allow you to display and drill into related information between data sets, all within the same interface. Not only can your details display related information between the same system (for example, Transaction Headers and Lines coming from your ERP), but you can also tie together disparate systems as well (for example, Opportunities coming from your CRM as they relate to your Customers in your ERP). Details provide a lot of power in being able to bring multiple data sets from different systems together anytime there is a relationship within the data.

The example proceeding will display Sales Lines as a list detail on a Sales Transactions list.

1. Navigate to the Edit List page for the list you want to add your detail to within Popdock. This example uses a Sales Transactions list.

2. Under the Settings menu, select Details.

3. Select Click here to add a custom detail.

4. Enter the Name of your detail in the available Name field. Then press Tab.

5. Use the available fields to select how, where, and what data you want to display in your detail. This example the Type and View type is List. The List is Sales lines items from an Azure Data Lake Connector, and the Display method is Below the record. You can also adjust the Max records displayed if you want to display more or less records in your detail.

6. Select Filters under the Settings menu.

7. Select Click here to add a filter.

8. Using the available fields, select which field from your detail list maps back to a value within your parent list. In this example, the SOP number Field from the Sales line items list Equals the SOP number Value within the Sales Transactions list. With the filter in place, select Save.

9. Select Fields from under the Settings menu.

10. Select Click here to add fields.

11. Select the box next to the fields you want to display in your detail. Once your fields are all selected, select Add.

12. Use the drag and drop icon to rearrange the fields in the order you want them to display in your detail.

13. With your fields in place, navigate back to your Popdock home page and add your base list as a new tab. You can see the new detail, in this example, is below the records.

14. Select a record from the main list and then select the detail for the list detail to display.

If you have questions about creating details, contact for assistance.

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