Creating a Teams Task

Setup a Teams Task to send a notification to a Teams channel or chat during an integration process. 

1. In a SmartConnect Integration go to the ‘Tasks’ Tab. 

2. Click ‘Add Task’. 

3. Name – Friendly name for the task. 

4. Type – Select ‘Send Message to Teams’. 

5. Stage – Select a stage of the integration process to trigger the task. 

6. Connection – The Graph Odata connection to use. 

7. Send To – Select either a target ‘Channel’ or ‘Group or Meeting Chat’. 

  • Chat – If sending to a chat, select a chat. 
  • Team – If sending to a Channel, select a team. 
  • Channel – If sending to a Channel, select a channel. 

8. Message – Format the body of the message and include relevant global variables and source variables. 

Note: Source Variables are only available on document level tasks. 

SC Map Task

9. Click Save. 

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