Creating a Text File Source

  • From the left side options column navigate to Date Sources > Bulk Sources > File.


  • On the File Data Sources window click on the Create Bulk File button.

  • On the New File Data Source window click on the Text File.

  • This will open the Text File Data Source window.

  • Enter a Description for the data source.
  • Column Separator – choose the type of column separator from the drop down list. The options are:
    • CSV Delimited
    • Tab Delimited
    • Pipe Delimited
    • Customer Delimited – selecting this option will activate the adjoining text field where the user can enter a column separator other than CSV, Tab, or Pipe.
  • Character Set – the two options are ANSI or OEM.
  • Has Column Headers – mark this checkbox if the source file has column headers.
  • Select file at runtime – when this checkbox is marked, the uploaded file will be used as a template to define the column headers and no data from it will be processed.
  • Source File – select the text file that will be used as the data source.
  • Source Schema – if the source file does not have column headers they can be defined here by clicking on Add Column.
    • Row No – automatically populated.
    • Column Name – user enters the name of the added column here.
    • Type – user defines the data type by selecting one of the dropdown list options.
    • Length – user defines the length of the field.
  • Once all the fields have been populated, the Save button becomes active.
  • Clicking on Save will save the data source and make the data source available to be selected when creating an Integration Process.
  • After the Text File source has been saved, the Preview button will become active.
  • Click on the Preview button will open a pop-up window that displays the first few records contained in the spreadsheet.

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