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Performing the Field Mapping

Performing the Field Mapping

  • Under the Integration tab click on the Target Integration tab.

  • The data that populates the first five columns is determined by the option selected in the Target Lines field.
  • The data in the Target Name, Technical Name, Required, and Data Type columns cannot be changed.
  • Column Type
    • The default type is Source Column.
    • If an Additional Column is to be used for the source, the specified Column Type can be changed so that only a certain options show in the Source Name dropdown. Ie, switching the Column Type to Calculation will only show Calculation Additional Columns in the dropdown.
    • The Column Type can be changed to Local Constant, and then a hardcoded value can be typed directly into the Source Name field for that line.
  • Source Name – select the Source that is to be mapped to the selected target line.

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