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How to Integrate Popdock into Your NetSuite Dashboard Using a Portlet

How to Integrate Popdock into Your NetSuite Dashboard Using a Portlet

With the use of a Popdock widget you can embed a Popdock list or multiple lists directly into your NetSuite user interface either as a tab at the top menu or as custom content on your dashboard or page. This article will show how to do both.

A Popdock widget will need to be created prior to following these steps because you will need the widget portlet code. Click here to learn how to create a Popdock widget.

For Dashboard type widgets we recommend using one of these widget types.

  • Single List
  • Multiple Lists
  • Widget Group

Table of Contents

Generate Embed Codes for NetSuite

1. Open the widgets list in Popdock Developer.

2. Select the Edit icon on the widget you are going to use.

3. Select Embed codes from the left navigation. 

4. Expand the Code generator section.

5. Select Netsuite portlet for the type so that the code will generate.

6. Copy the text in the code field so that you can paste it in a text editor.

7. Save the file as a .js file type. 

    This is the file type needed to import to NetSuite.  The example below uses Notepad to save the function into a .js file.

    Create a Popdock Portlet

    1. Log into NetSuite.

    2. Navigate to Customization and then to Customization Manager.

    3. Navigate to Scripting and then to Scripts.

    4. Selectg New Script.

    5. Select the + button.

    6. Make sure Attach From is set to Computer.

    7. Select the Folder to save the script to.

    8. Select Browse to browse your computer for the .js file you have saved.

    9. Select Save.

    10. Select Create Script Record.

    11. Select Portlet from the list of options.

    12. Enter a NAME

    13. Set the Portlet Type to Inline HTML

    14. Set the FUNCTION to the value from the widget embed code

    • For example, this one will be popdock_Widget_Example.

    15. Select Save.

    16. Select Deploy Script.

    17. Update the Status to Released.

    18. Select the Audience for the portlet. 

    19. Select Save and your custom portlet is ready to use.

      Adding a Popdock tab

      1. Navigate to Customization and then to Customization Manager.

      2. Select Centers and Tabs and then select Center Tabs.

      3. Select New.

      4. Provide a LABEL.

      5. Select the CENTER where the tab will be added. 

      • All : Will display the tab in all centers. 

      6. Set the TYPE to Custom Portlet.

      7. Set the COLUMN to Center.

      8. Set the SHOW to Yes.

      9. Select Add.

      10. Modify the Audience as required.

      11. Select Save.

      12. Return to home and you should see the new Popdock center tab on your menu.

      13. Select the Popdock tab.

      • Because you have not assigned a portlet to the tab, it shows a setup page.

      14. Select the vertical ellipsis on the right side. 

      15. Select Set Up.

      16. Select your Popdock Portlet from the Source dropdown.

      17. Select Save

      18. This will then assign the Popdock Portlet to the Center Tab. When you launch the tab now, it will show the Popdock widget that you have created as a Portlet.

      19. Here is an example of showing Dynamics GP data inside of NetSuite.

        Adding Popdock to a Dashboard

        You can add Popdock anywhere a portlet can be added.  Here is an example of adding Popdock on a NetSuite dashboard.

        1. Open the dashboard you would like to customize.

        2. Select Personalize at the top right.

        3. Select Custom Portlet.

        4. This adds the custom content section in the dashboard.

        5. Select the vertical ellipsis on the right side. 

        6. Select Set Up.

        7. Set the SOURCE to your portlet you created earlier.

        8. Select Save

        9. Now your portlet is added to your dashboard.

          Questions on integrating Popdock to your NetSuite dashboard? Email support at support@eonesolutions.com

          Table of Contents Generate Embed Codes for NetSuite Create a Popdock Portlet Adding a Popdock tab Adding Popdock to a Dashboard

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