Using a Multi Lookup

  1. On the Integration tab click on Additional Columns tab.
  2. Click on Add Additional Column button.

  3. The Additional Column window will open.
  4. Name – enter a name for the column.
  5. Tab off the Name field to enable the Type field.
  6. Type – select Multi Lookup from the Type dropdown list.

  7. Organization – either select the CRM organization that this lookup should always run against, or select Runtime Organization to perform the lookup against the destination organization.
  8. Entity – select the entity to perform the lookup against.
  9. Click Add Attribute – select an attribute and associated column.
  10. Return Fields – click the Select Return Fields dropdown list and mark the checkbox for the fields to be returned from Dynamics 365 Sales.
  11. Return error if no data found – mark this checkbox if an error should be returned if no data is found.
  12. Save the column information.

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