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What is a Data Lake?

What is a Data Lake?

A data lake is a centralized location in the cloud that allows you to store large amounts of data in various structured (databases), semi-structured (logs, CSV, XML, JSON) or unstructured formats (emails, documents, PDF). This allows you to have access to this data through different types of analytic tools faster and more accurately.  A data lake is a key part of data migration, especially when needing to migrate data from on-premise to the cloud.

Popdock allows you to connect to your data lake to pull historical data you may have or maybe just a simple report being stored there.  It also has the ability to upload data to the data lake you have connected. You can choose to send historical data that may usually take a long time to pull down from an API and push it to your data lake where Popdock can then easily access it and it will pull the data much faster than going directly to any API.

In addition to being able to access your data lake data, you can use a Popdock widget to show that data to you in another system. A few examples include: embedding it in Dynamics Business Central, CRM, Salesforce, or Netsuite.

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