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Creating an ODBC Bulk Data Source

Creating an ODBC Bulk Data Source

  1. On the left side options column expand Data Sources, expand Bulk Sources, and click on Query.

  2. On the Query Data Sources page click Create Bulk Query button.

  3. On the New Query Data Source page click the ODBC Query Data Source button.

  4. The page to configure the ODBC Data Source opens.

  5. Enter a Name for the query.
  6. Connection – select the connection to be used from the drop down list.
  7. Click Validate. If the validation is successful, the Edit Query button becomes active.
  8. Click Edit Query – opens the Query Builder to create a new query or edit an existing query.

  9. After the query has been created click on Save Query to return to the ODBC Query Data Source window.
  10. IMPORTANT: In Order to save the data query source at this point, the user must click on Validate and have the validation return a successful message. Once the successful message is returned, the Edit Query, Save, and Preview buttons will become active.
  11. Click Save to save the query source.

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