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eOne vs. _____

Let your ERP and CRM data speak for itself

With the easiest and most flexible way to integrate, migrate and report on your data.

Everyone can speak fluent data with eOne

From DIY solutions anyone in your team can implement, to advanced options that will give your developers a reason to celebrate, you got it. And you don’t have to break the bank either.

Data Management
Cost Friendly

Self-service, out of the box

Does your sales manager waste hours every day to access important customer data? Maybe your logistics guy is frustrated with the lack of visibility into inventory and shipping information. With eOne you could:

  • Create and manage integrations across your business
  • Embed any data with engaging and clear presentation options, no code needed
  • Get insights into external data sources without having to access them
  • Easily search and use advanced filtering options to customize how they look at the data.

A developer’s galore

Just because your team can get things done on their own, doesn’t mean you’re suddenly out of a job. With eOne, developers, IT teams, and even integration gurus can save hours and work more efficiently:

  • Effortlessly connect your on-premise with your Cloud data
  • Access historical data from data lakes, databases or API’s
  • Get insights into external data sources without having to access them
  • Conveniently handle lookups and relationships on imports
  • Cut on licensing costs with virtual integration

and more…

Need to vent about your data?

Get the support you need from experts who live and breathe ERP and CRM data. People who constantly think about improving systems, streamlining processes, and making data more accessible and meaningful to end users.

We’re part detectives, part strategists, and part therapists. We don’t judge you for the messy spreadsheets, hundreds of apps, and clunky legacy systems you’ve been dealing with. We simply nod along, because we know the answer to your challenges is always a resounding “YES, we can help you”.

Upgrade integrations, not budget

Mid-market companies like yours get access to the same bells and whistles as the big guys, without breaking the bank. Plus none of the custom development costs. And when your developer decides to join a band and live the rockstar life, or you decide to switch to a new ERP system, eOne’s tools will stick with you through thick and thin.

6,000+ mid-market companies already made the move to greener pastures

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Let your team DIY their data integration, migration and reporting