Switching Companies within SmartConnect.com

If the user that is logged into SmartConnect.com has access to more than one company, the user can switch between companies within the app without having to sign out first.

This primarily applies to partners, hosting providers, or other individuals that may have access to multiple SmartConnect companies/tenants through their one email login.

When logged into SmartConnect.com the user can click on their email at the top right section of the interface.

User email

This will display a list of all companies that user has access to. Clicking on one of those companies will switch the current login session over to that company.

Company Select

The switch will occur immediately in most cases, however if the company is located in a different region from the current company (ie, currently logged into an NA company, but attempting to switch to a company hosted in EUW) then the user will be prompted for their password before the session is switched to the new company.

switch account region

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