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Using Error Processing to Correct Integration Process Failures

Using Error Processing to Correct Integration Process Failures

  • If an error occurs during an Integration Process, there are two ways the user can access the Error Processing window to correct the issue:
    • Click on the Fix button on the Run SmartConnect Integration window after the process runs.

    • On the menu on the left side of the window expand Processes and click Error Processing.


      • On the Error Processing window expand process run name and click on the Process Run button.

  • A list of process run errors will display.

  • Hovering over the warning icon will display a tool tip with information regarding the error.
  • The user can click in the displayed fields to make changes to the data.

  • Buttons:
    • Export to Excel – creates a new Excel file with the listed errors.
    • Save Changes – saves any changes made to the data.
    • Run Selected Tenant – allows the user to run the Integration Process after changes have been made to the error data.
    • Delete Selected Rows – deletes highlighted rows.
    • Delete All – deletes all rows in the list.

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