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Dynamics GP customers:  Your SmartList suite is future-proofed

eOne is committed to a 10-year guarantee investing in your GP product suite and providing a path forward. Starting 1 July 2024, all SmartList Builder customers get access to Popdock & can start their transition.

You asked, we delivered.

SmartList Builder customers, we have been listening to you. We added every feature you have asked for 15 years. We reached a point where no one could think of anything new to add to SLB/GP. All the requests we had were for changes to the core SmartList or things that were not supported by dexterity or on premise- which we could not control. The answer was to build a whole new tool: Popdock.

Popdock includes SmartList Builder for every other business app you use. We added SmartList Builder to the cloud. We embedded SmartList into every app you use. This is not just an upgrade, it is a massive value add to a new generation of software.

With Popdock, you get the whole suite

SmartList Builder
the “Original” Builder

  • Create both new SmartLists or modify existing SmartList.
  • Link up to 32 tables together from standard GP tables, 3rd party (ISV data), any SQL (tables, views or scripts), other SmartLists, & Extender resources.
  • Get all the builders: SmartList, TableFinder, Excel Report Builder & Navigation List Builder.

SmartView – Access GP
SmartLists fast, locally.

  • Access your GP SmartLists fast inside GP.
  • Access your GP SmartLists fast from the desktop app.
  • Create & share favorites.
  • Use the intuitive interface to pull GP data quickly, filter, sort, group/subgroup, & export.

Popdock – Access SmartLists
& report on more, from anywhere.

  • Access GP SmartLists from the Popdock web app.
  • Combine, query, & summarize GP + data from 50+ other apps.
  • Virtually integrate (embed & display GP data) in other apps.
  • Get the Popdock App for Excel.
  • Migrate GP history to data lakes with your SmartList reports, database backups, and attachments.

Dynamics GP customers are in 2 scenarios

1. Stick with Dynamics GP

We love this approach. There has not been much change in double-entry accounting in the last 50 years, and probably not much in the next 50. What has changed and continues to change are all the moving parts around the accounting system.

There are so many business productivity apps you can and should be using. Just because you are sticking with GP DOES NOT MEAN you have to miss out on cloud-based business productivity innovation. We let you keep the best of both worlds. Keep the familiarity of GP- while taking your business to 2030 and beyond, without missing out.

You are future-proofed. You get our guarantee to keep your favorite products for 10 years. We take SmartList Builder to the cloud – and have made it available for every other app you use.

eOne has come to your rescue and this is what we will do for you! With this plan you can:

  • Maintain SmartList Builder and SmartView for GP for 10 years.
  • Keep everything you love about SmartList Builder.
  • Keep everything you love about SmartView.
  • Copy all of your SmartLists to the cloud.
  • Expose GP data to everyone outside of GP through our web-based UI for SmartList Builder.
    • You do not want everyone logging into GP.
  • Embed SmartList data inside any application.

2. Migrate to the Cloud

Breakups are hard and switching to a new ERP is difficult. We are here to make moving to your selected ERP as simple as possible. We know Microsoft is pushing Dynamics 365 Business Central – and this is a very solid ERP choice for most GP customers. That said, we appreciate it is your decision and you can move wherever you need. We are agnostic to your choice. Whether you choose Microsoft D365 Business Central, Microsoft D365 Finance, Oracle NetSuite, Acumatica or Sage Intaact, we are here to support you on your move to the cloud.

  • Migration of master data from GP to your new ERP
  • Access ALL your GP data from inside of your new ERP
  • Full SmartList and SmartList Builder functionality for your new ERP
  • Archive legacy GP data in a cost-effective data lake and still access the data (even attachments and 3rd party ISV data).
  • Cross-report between legacy GP data and your new ERP data.
  • Embed data from other apps you use in your new ERP (like from your CRM, shipping, helpdesk, custom apps and other databases).

The Plan

The price of Popdock Business is $350/Month (USD) or $4,200 annually, but you are future-proofed. On your next renewal, your of SmartList Builder AEP will be converted to a Popdock Subscription at a 60% discount for 3 years. After that, the following 3 years, you’ll receive an additional 20% off of your subscription. In total, you will receive 6 years of discounts while gaining a fully cloud-based version of SmartList Builder and SmartView!

The pricing below reflects the 60% off price that you’d receive for the first three years of your subscription.

Estimate your price below based on the plan you select + additional pre-payment and commitment discounts that can be combined with your transition discounts.

Monthly Yearly
$140 USD / per month

Business Custom Lists + Migration Features + SmartList Suite

  • SmartView
  • SmartList Builder
  • 20k Queries/Month

    Unlimited Records

  • Combine Data + Full SmartList Suite for Flexible List Building
  • Unlimited Standard Connectors
  • Unlimited Popdock Widgets
  • Data Lake Management Features + Data Lake Connectors
  • Self-Paced Training
  • Essential Support
  • Query Builder Add-on – $40 /Month
  • Scheduling Add-on – $40 /Month
  • Matrix Reports Add-on – $40 /Month
$260 USD / per month

Premium Data Access at Scale + Premium Features

  • 100k Queries/Month

    Unlimited Records

  • Everything in Business
  • Unlimited Premium + Standard Connectors
  • Scheduling
  • Matrix Reporting
  • Query Builder
  • Audit/Logging: Up to 365 Days of History
  • Bootcamp Pass
  • Additional Packs of 100k Queries – $40 Additional Packs of 100k Queries
$320 USD / per month

iPaaS Business Plan SmartConnect Business + Popdock Business

  • Everything in SmartConnect Business
  • Everything in Popdock Business
  • Essential Support for Both Plans
  • 20% off Additional SmartConnect Connections
$600 USD / per month

iPaaS Premium Plan SmartConnect Premium + Popdock Premium

  • Everything in SmartConnect Premium
  • Everything in Popdock Premium
  • Essential Support for both plans
  • 20% off additional SmartConnect Connections

Compare Popdock Plans

Getting started with your discounted subscription is simple.

  • Simply login to eOne’s portal and go to “renewals” (like you did before).
  • There, you can activate your Popdock & click to renew.
  • You’ll have access to everything you did before + a ton more added value to easily report on GP data + other apps.

Learn how eOne is on the ERP journey with you

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Unfortunately, no. Any customer can purchase an iPaaS bundled plan, but the eOne Transition Discount, which offers 60% off for 3 years and 20% off for an additional 3 years, is only available to customers who have come off of an Annual Enhancement Plan (AEP) and don’t already own a subscription of Popdock or SmartConnect. For example, customers who have an AEP of SmartConnect and a Popdock subscription cannot move to the iPaaS plan with the eOne Transition Discount, because they already own a Podpock subscription. In other words, if you have already purchased either a SmartConnect subscription or a Popdock subscription, you’re not eligible for the eOne Transition Discount with an iPaaS plan.

eOne is doubling down on our product investments to help companies connect all their modern business apps and migrate to their new ERP when the time is right. Adjusting prices will allow eOne to fulfill this purpose, accommodate the realities of delivering SaaS solutions, and continue to support our Dynamics GP customers for the next 10 years.

Support plans can be updated anytime and if you’ve pre-paid for your product subscription plan (Business or Premium level) and pre-pay for your support plan, then eOne will pro-rate the support plan to align the renewal of your next product subscription plan.

Yes, you will still receive the same bundled discount, for the time remaining on the discount, if you upgrade before 31 May 2025.

Yes, your upgrade will be pro-rated until your next renewal date.

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