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The SmartList Suite – included with Popdock

SmartList Builder

The easiest way to report on Dynamics GP.

Build your own GP reports.

Find tables without needing to call your consultant.

Create custom SmartLists.

Modify existing SmartLists.

SmartList Builder

The Original Builder

Add any GP data to a SmartList

SmartList Builder allows you to create both brand new SmartLists and modify existing SmartList. You can link up to 32 tables together. Tables can be standard GP tables, any of the third-party (ISV) tables, any SQL table, SQL views or SQL Scripts, other SmartLists or Extender resources.

Excel Report Builder

Real-time Excel reports on any GP data.

Excel Report Builder generates an Excel Spreadsheet with a live connection back to GP or any other data you include. This means you have live refreshable reports, anytime you need them. You can give all your data from GP to anyone in the organization via Excel – without buying new, full-user licenses of Dynamics GP.

Drill Down Builder

Drill down (or open) your records from Excel

Drill Down Builder completes the functionality of Excel Report Builder by letting you drill from your spreadsheet back into that same record within Dynamics GP. Where Microsoft hard codes a drill down – eOne makes it completely configurable to allow you to drill down to any screen or SmartList in Dynamics GP. This is an essential part of bringing the most common business tools together. Working in GP and Excel all day – it only makes sense to auto-switch between one and the other.

Navigation List Builder

Build custom navigation lists + actions

This means that you are able to improve the efficiency of the Navigation Lists by restricting that data for each list – rather than running the initial list that may contain millions of records. Connecting actions with the new lists adds real power to Navigation Lists. You build specific lists for certain roles or individuals and then link up all the things that users need to do with that data. This means many users need only ever start from one screen in Dynamics GP and do ALL their work from the one place and the one list.

All your Dynamics GP data where you need it.

Powering ERP reporting for 15k customers.

The power of the Builders + SmartConnect

01 SmartList as a data source

SmartConnect Integrations

The results displayed to the screen for an open SmartList can be used as the data source for a SmartConnect integration. The ramifications of this are extremely powerful. Any user that uses SmartList Builder is able to filter and control the data records to be used within an integration run.

Some good reasons for using SmartList Builder + SmartConnect:

  • Easily link the tables you need in your GP data source.
  • Add calculations and restrictions to your GP data source.
  • Run integrations using SmartList as the source and send data to any supported target system: to Dynamics 365, Salesforce, REST APIs, and more.

02 Funnel Excel Report Data

Push it wherever

Excel Report Builder can generate a spreadsheet of real-time GP data. Imagine changing that data right there in Excel – then simply hit a button to push it all back into GP. That’s what using SmartConnect and ERB together allows you to do. Check out the video called “Inventory Shortage Purchase Order” to learn more. This is a great way to use SmartConnect. 

GP operators can benefit :

  • Push data back to Dynamics GP in bulk from Excel.
  • Push data to another destination from Excel.
  • Easily view errors and fix them if they occur.
  • A simple user interface right from accountants’ favorite tool, Microsoft Excel.

SmartList Builder vs. SmartList Designer

See how the tools measure up.

FeatureSmartList BuilderSmartList Designer
Create new SmartListsxx
Modify default SmartListsx
Create new SmartLists from default listsxx
Link tablesxx
Combine work, open and history tablesx
Use SQL Views as tablesxx
Use SQL Tables as tablesx
Use SQL Scripts as tablesx
Use SQL objects from other databasesx
Use Extender resources as tablesx
Use SmartLists as tablesx
Create Go TosxLimited
Add fields to display by defaultxx
Add fields as available but hidden by defaultx
String formattingx
Date formattingx
Edit list itemsx
Display numbers as currenciesxLimited
Display variable decimal placesx
Display numbers as percentagesx
Display numbers as negativex
Display account indexes as accountsx
Display note indexes as notesx
Bulk edit field settingsx
Calculated fieldsxLimited
Multi-company SmartListsx
Summary SmartListsx
Reorder columnsx
Preview dataxx
Preview SQL Scriptxx
List level securityx
Table level securityx
Record level securityx
Functional securityx
Create Excel ReportsxLimited
Create Navigation Listsx
Create drill downsx
Table finderx
Import and export setupxx
Duplicate listsx
Create new SmartList from existing SmartList Favoritex

You won’t have time for your coffee break

From GP or as a local app


SmartView makes SmartList better by allowing you to run SmartLists in seconds, save and share favorites, and use unlimited filters. You can open SmartView from inside Dynamics GP or from your desktop, as long as you’re within an approved network.

From a web browser


Podpock takes secure Dynamics GP data access and reporting to another level and saves your team tons of time. Access GP SmartLists super fast, combine GP data with data from other apps, and enjoy many more ways to share data. Virtually integrate GP data in other apps or access GP reports in the Popdock web app.

Access SmartLists quickly & intuitively.

Pull SmartLists in seconds.

Get clever with SmartList Builder

Included with Popdock

  • Plug into an easy-to-use, practically DIY data management ecosystem
  • Ready, set, close! Boost your efficiency and get better results for your customers.
  • Build reports with ease.