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Dynamics GP Suite – Node Builder

Node Builder

Build custom integration nodes for Dynamics GP without code.

Build the integration point you need for Dynamics GP.

Add in business logic and validation.

No need to hire Dexterity developers.

Integrate with your node using eOne’s SmartConnect.

Node Builder

The Dynamics GP Integration Layer

What is an eConnect node?

An eConnect node is a specific stored procedure that knows how to populate a table or set of tables within Microsoft Dynamics GP. A node also contains all the business rules of Microsoft Dynamics GP that are applied if you were to update those tables through the GP user interface. A good node makes sure that all the data entered into Microsoft Dynamics GP via eConnect is valid


Create your own eConnect node.

There are two ways:

  1. Become a software developer and SQL server guru, as well as a Microsoft Dynamics GP expert – and write your own eConnect stored procedure to create and populate the SQL tables you need
  2.       Use Node Builder. Node Builder is an easy-to-use interface that is a lot like SmartList Builder. Node Builder allows you to choose the tables you want to populate and then choose the fields that will be available to be populated with this node. Node Builder also lets you define your own rules about data validation. For example, you could check that an inventory item exists before you create a specific in-transit inventory transfer.

You still need to be a Microsoft Dynamics GP expert to use Node Builder and have a good understanding of the table structure and the business rules from the front end. You do not need the ability to write code, however, it helps to think like a programmer without being one.

GP data that needs a node

What nodes am I missing?

  • There are a number of big and small things within GP that are missing nodes.
  • Little things like the inability to set EFT banking details when creating a creditor.
  • Bugs and issues in nodes that you need help to work around.
  • Modules like Manufacturing, parts of HR, Canadian Payroll, Parts of Field Service, etc…
  • Third-party modules. ISVs such as Key2Act (Wennsoft) and Binary Stream have built eConnect nodes that will work with SmartConnect.
  • And many more…

Have every Dynamics GP integration point covered.

Integrations without code

01 SmartConnect + NodeBuilder

Challenges, solved.

Once your eConnect node is built using Node Builder, you then have an integration point that allows you can use it in your Dynamics GP integrations. You can rest easy using SmartConnect to fully automate your integration and know your data is being brought into Dynamics GP properly and validated.

Some good reasons for using NodeBuilder + SmartConnect:

  • Build your node in a fraction of the time.
  • Deliver for a fraction of the cost.
  • Completely automate your integrations yourself.

Get clever with Node Builder

  • Plug into an easy-to-use, practically DIY data management ecosystem
  • Deliver your custom integration requirements faster.
  • Keep your project budget in check.