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                     Customize and Control the GP Experience


No two businesses are the same, which means no two implementations of Microsoft Dynamics GP should be the same. Extender is the tool that ensures your Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation fits your business perfectly. Extender ensures that you can always capture the data you need to capture at the exact time you need it. You can add fields, build extra windows, and brand new data entry screens to Microsoft Dynamics GP all without writing a single line of code.


That’s how many companies rely on Extender every day for doing business their way. Some of those customers use Extender to capture just 3 or 4 business specific data fields while others have built entire mini applications that contain multiple screens and hundreds of fields. If you are storing any data in Excel, Access, or CRM that really should be in Microsoft Dynamics GP, then Extender is your answer. Companies that own Microsoft Dynamics GP own the most flexible ERP in the world – providing they add the Extender module to their solution.

Extender creates Dynamics GP screens and windows


Extender is a tool that allows regular people, who don’t know how to write dexterity code, to build brand new screens within Microsoft Dynamics GP. You do not need a programmer because you can build your own screens in just minutes.

Simply decide which data fields you need to capture. Select the type of data for that field (17 different field types including checkboxes, currency fields, drop down lists, dates, lookups to other Microsoft Dynamics GP screens, and many more!) and you have built a brand new screen.

Extender comes with all the tools needed to connect your new screens together to build your own custom mini-application. You can link from one screen to another, add your new screens to Microsoft Dynamics GP menus and add all your new fields into SmartList. You can also define fields as required fields that appear in red and bold, and add your fields to Microsoft Dynamics GP reports. Extender turns you into a programmer.


One of the challenges for consultants when reviewing a customer’s business requirements is to determine whether they should utilize Extender for their solution or head down the path of traditional development. There are certainly occasions when the best or only option is to engage a programmer. This is the case when you need to fundamentally change an existing Microsoft Dynamics GP process or function or you need to modify existing Microsoft Dynamics GP screens to meet a business need. (Extender never modifies an existing screen but instead builds new screens – in order to maintain a cost effective upgrade path). In all other scenarios there are some very good reasons to make Extender your solution of choice:

  • Develop in a fraction of the time
  • Develop for a fraction of the cost
  • Complete the screen design of your solution yourself
  • Open source avoids IP arguments and makes the logic transferable
  • Your new functions look and feel just like Microsoft Dynamics GP